Executive Board

Barrington Little League currently has 10 Executive Board Positions as described below:

President: Sam DiMatteo

  • Administer the operation of the league.
  • To make appointments for unexpired terms of vacated elected officers.
  • To appoint the following committees at the first meeting in October.
    • By Law Committee - to review any recommended changes in the by-laws.
    • Disciplinary Committee
    • Budget Committee to meet on the first Wednesday in December and to consist of: “The E Board”.
  • To appoint Operating Committees where necessary.
  • To appoint Staff Officials (preferably in October) but not later than April and subject to approval of the General Membership.
  • To appoint League Representatives who shall be responsible for the selection, training, and conduct of teams in their league.

Vice President: Vacant

  • To Prepare or ensure that the pre-season practice & regular season playing Schedule each season is created and posted. To assist the Tournament Director with the post-season playing and practice schedule.
  • Assume the duties of President in absence of the President.
  • To manage and oversee all fundraising activities including Fall Harvest Festival, coin tosses, signs and sponsors, and any other league fundraising activity. Barrington Day is outside the scope of responsibility.
  • To assist the President in all league operations and in all areas necessary to guarantee the success of the league and its members.

Treasurer: Dan Schuster

  • To handle and conduct all financial dealings of the league.
  • To assure current President is on all bank signature cards.
  • To assure all bills and vouchers are promptly paid by Barrington Little League.
  • To report monthly the financial status of the league.
  • To assure the accuracy and integrity of the league financial standing.    
  • To act as Women’s Auxiliary Liaison & coordinate Barrington Day Activities.

Player Agent: Jake Karley

  • To handle all aspects of registration & draft & tryouts of the Barrington Little League.
  • To assure all registrants are Barrington residents unless approved by the E Board3. To handle registration and draft & tryouts until draft day completion.
  • To conduct draft at least 1 month prior to opening of season.
  • To run tournament draft in conjunction with League President and Tournament Director.

Secretary: Mark Baus

  • To log all minutes and motions at each meeting.
  • To conduct and handle all pertinent league correspondence.
  • To present the prior meetings minutes at the beginning of each general membership meeting.
  • To receive and pass along all pertinent correspondence from Little League Headquarters to the General Membership

 Equipement Director: Steven Klien

  • To organize & oversee the distribution of League Equipment.
  • To prepare a year-end inventory & budget for December Meeting.
  • To distribute & maintain District Uniforms.

 Building & Grounds Director: Kevin Camerote

  • To oversee maintenance and budget considerations for all buildings.                      
  • Scheduling & budgeting of field needs [grass,fertilization, etc.]

Tournament Director: Scott Yeager

  • To Direct & Oversee all post season play-off (Barrington Little League) and tournament (District 14) activity. Work in conjunction with Player Agent to assure all rules and regulations regarding post season play are followed. Work in conjunction with the Equipment Manager to ensure all Tournament Uniforms are ordered. Work in conjunction with the Umpire-in-Chief to ensure all umpiring commitments are fulfilled.
  • To act as an impartial Host & Representative of Little League HQ for all visiting Little League Teams.
  • (Note: an ad hoc Tournament Director may be deputized in the event that the elected Tournament Director is not available as host.)
  • To manage and oversee the Garnet Cup from Barrington’s perspective.

Umpire In Chief: Glenn Bailey

  • To organize a group of volunteers to serve as umpires      during league play.
  • To obtain a list of qualified people who will serve as umpires during the season. This list will be created into an umpiring schedule and posted.
  • To serve as the league’s resident expert on both Little League and Local Rules.

Safety Director: Josh Scheets

  • To prepare annual Safety Plan, & Facility Survey
  • All correspondence with Williamsport.
  • To oversee & run Picture Day.

Auxiliary President: Lauren Yeager

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