Financial Assistance Program

The majority of Barrington Little League’s income is derived from player registration fees. These registration fees help cover the cost of operating the League.  Barrington Little League is committed to helping families be part of the Barrington baseball tradition even when experiencing a financial hardship.  There are several programs in which Barrington Little League is committed to assisting.  Review the programs below, decide which one best fits your situation.  For program number 2, please fill out the volunteer time worksheet.

  • Program #1: For families on the Federal Free or Reduced Lunch program, Barrington Little League will omit charging the volunteer fee ($20 value), raffle fee ($30 value) as well as the League base registration fee (depends on the division).  The minimum cost to the family will be for the uniform cost per child.
  • Program #2: For families applying for a reduced registration fee, the league is requesting for you to make a commitment to volunteer time in exchange for the financial commitment it has made with your family.  The minimum cost to the family will be for the uniform cost per child plus volunteer time using the worksheet below. 
  • Program #3: Payment Plan Option (PPO) - The Payment Plan Option is for those families that can pay their registration fees, but not all at one time. With this program, we ask that you pay a part of the fees at registration and the remainder will be divided up into two equal payments. All payments must be received by opening day. This option does not require any above and beyond volunteer time. However, if the League does not receive all payments by opening day, then volunteer time may be required and will result in your child being ineligible for post season selection.
  • Program #4: The family can get a sponsor for registration costs.  Register now and turn in sponsor monies by opening day.  If a sponsor cannot be obtained, full registration costs will be due by opening day.

Volunteer Time Worksheet

Work Item Description Commitment Cost
Spring Coin Toss 1 shift = 1 hour for fundraising $20.00 * ___ = $
Fall Coin Toss 1 shift = 1 hour for fundraising $20.00 * ___ = $
Umpire Minor Game 1 game.  Behind the plate or at the bases $20.00 * ___ = $
Grass Cut 1 mow.  Majors and Minor field @Shreve $20.00 * ___ = $
Concessions Stand Assist the Auxiliary for 1 game in the stands $20.00 * ___ = $
    Total: $


Volunteer time for programs #2 and #3 should at least be equal to or exceed the cost of base registration + volunteer fee or the remaining balance on the account, whichever is higher.  For the 2016 season, that’s $60.00 + $20.00 = $80.00

I would like to apply for program number ______ above.  I agree that failure to comply with the volunteer commitment and any remaining registration fees by the end of the regular season will result in y our child being ineligible for post season selection.  This application is pending board approval until written approval is provided.


Signed Date
Applicant:               ________________________________________ _________________________
B.L.L Player Agent ________________________________________ _________________________
B.L.L President      ________________________________________ _________________________

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