Funds Disbursement Policy

Funds disbursement

Discussed, agreed and voted by E-board on 12/19/2012 at the annual meeting. 

In all cases, the Primary signer holds the checkbook and the debit card for the respective accounts (has access to money).  The secondary signers are backup to the primary.  The following guidelines should apply for disbursement of funds:

The intent for these guidelines is as follows:

  1. Carefully track and gauge monies spent in 2014 so that we can effectively start to categorize funds as they pass through the organization. 
  2. Understand real “needed” spend vs. potential overspend
  3. Gain consensus and socialize options on spend before it happens.
  4. Provide transparency on who has access to the organization’s money.

Account holders

Primary Account Aux Account
Primary Signer: League Treasurer Primary Signer: Aux Treasurer
Secondary Signer: League Equipment Board Member Secondary Signer: Aux President
  3rd Signer: League Treasurer

Disbursement Guidelines

Non-Operational: Any non-operational disbursement of funds of $100 or greater, need to be socialized and voted on by the board.  Examples of this are donations, miscellaneous purchases, etc.  (Etc is pretty vague and broad on purpose as it applies to everything else).  For purchases of $99 or less, keep your receipt as that’s the only way to get reimbursed.  Wherever possible, try to avoid paying sales tax as BLL is tax exempt. 

Operational: The treasurer of either account is authorized to disburse funds that are Operational in nature.  Operational is defined as: utility bills, post office bills (for the PO Box), officiating and league dues (insurance, charter).  Operational bills should be accompanied by a bill or invoice for full traceability.

Concessions: Food and beverage concession expenses only are authorized for the Aux primary account holder without Eboard vote.  All other expenses see Non-Operational above.

Contracts: Anything that involves a contract for either account requires an Eboard vote.

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