Triple A


Our objective is to provide and promote supervised, competitive baseball with the molding of future adults of fine character given prime importance, and the attainment of exceptional athletic skills or the winning of games secondary


The objective at this level is to ensure that every player have a safe and enjoyable playing experience.  Competition is expected, but not at the expense of good will and sportsmanship.

Method of Play

To maximize player development, the league recommends that all players play at least one (1) inning in the outfield during a regular six inning game. While this is only a guideline, non-compliance may result in the manager not being able to manage a team in the future.

All children must play at least 4 innings, and bat at least once during a regular six inning game.

1. Five (5) runs per inning max. Continuation Rule is in effect -- runs in excess of the limit shall count until the ball is in possession of the catcher or a player at home plate. Once this occurs the play will be considered dead. This rule applies to a batted ball only - no extra bases due to a throwing error once the fifth run has crossed the plate. The last inning will be unlimited runs. Players may bat until 3 outs are made or the game has been decided by the Home team. A ten-run rule will be in effect after 4 innings. If the visiting team is ahead by ten or more runs after 4 innings or the Home team after 3 1/2 innings, that team shall be declared the winner and the game over.

2. Bat the lineup

3. Two (2) hit batters in one inning, the pitcher must be removed from pitching

4. Each game will be six innings or 2 hours. The umpire shall keep the game clock and shall start with the call of "Play Ball". Start time will be noted in both team’s scorebooks. The score at the time limit shall be the final score regardless of innings played.

  • The last inning will be declared at the one hour, forty-five minute mark and the inning must be completed (home team bats if applicable). The last inning shall require three outs. For the purpose of time limits, the umpire must declare "Last Inning" at the beginning of an inning.
  • There will be a maximum of 5 base advances from stealing & pass balls per inning.  Note: Out of town teams we play have this rule. 
  • Note: There are 9 position players playing 6 innings for a total of 54 player innings.  A 12 player roster would mean 6 players would play 4 innings and 6 players would play 5 innings totaling 54 innings.

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