Our objective is to provide and promote supervised, competitive baseball with the molding of future adults of fine character given prime importance, and the attainment of exceptional athletic skills or the winning of games secondary


The objective at this level is to ensure that every player have a safe and enjoyable playing experience.  The emphasis is placed on developing a basic understanding of the game.  This is a non-competitive program.  While the score maybe kept, winning is the least important item.

Managers and coaches from both teams are required to work together during the games, with the goal of providing the best possible learning environment.

The ball used at this level is a soft version of a regulation baseball, which greatly reduces the potential for serious injury.

Method of Play

All players shall be listed in the batting order and shall bat at least once every inning.

Players may be called out and removed from a base in a defensive out is accomplished.

Players arriving after the game the start of the game will be added to the end of the batting order.

All players shall play in the field every inning.

All players must play at least one inning in the infield and one inning in the outfield.

All runners must wear helmets.

The batter has the option of swing at a maximum of 3 live pitches before completing the at-bat off the tee.

2 coaches may be used on-field for defensive instruction, as well a coach to pick-up the three missed pitches of the previous batter.

Each manager or coach is responsible for calling foul balls and setting up the ball on the tee or pitching.

Bunting is not allowed.  Stealing is not allowed.

The runner is removed from the base when the runner is put out.

The last runner may only run as far as their hit allows.  At that point all play, and runners, shall stop and the half inning shall end.  At no point is the last/runner allowed to run all the bases merely because they are the last batter.

There is no advance on an overthrow.  For balls hit to the outfield, base runners may advance until the ball has been thrown into the infield and an infielder gains possession of it while in fair territory.  If a base runner is more than half way to the next base, the base runner may attempt to reach the next base at the risk of being tagged out.

A game should consist of 3 innings minimum, with a fourth allowed with agreement of the coaches.

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