Field Etiquette

Field Maintenance Rules & Etiquette

Next to our players and volunteers, our fields are our most valuable asset.  We take great pride in having the nicest playing surfaces that we can.  By following these guidelines you are ensuring that your children will continue to have quality well maintained fields to play baseball on and in addition you are helping to keep fees low.  When doing field maintenance you should always leave the field in better condition than you found them.  Done properly, allow for 20-30 minutes for proper field care.  Field maintenance is one of the largest single expenses in baseball.  By following these basic guidelines, you will help ensure the quality and playability of your fields.

Field Maintenance rules

  1. Bases should be removed and base plugs put in place prior to dragging.  If it is the end of the day, last game or practice the bases are to be put in the equipment shed and the base plugs left in place.
  2. The base paths should be raked in the same direction as the path (NOT PERPINDICULAR TO THE BASE PATH).  If you drag the baselines please take care to keep dirt out of the grass.  In time, this elevated dirt builds up and forms berms where the grass meets the dirt.  These berms act as a launching pad for infield ground balls.
  3. If you are the last Coach or Manager to leave the fields or no other team has shown up for their game or practice then remove the bases, put the plugs in, and lock the equipment shed before leaving the fields.
  4. The team(s) with the last game/practice of the day has the responsibility of empting the trash cans for their respective fields.
  5. For Deerr field, ensure that the pitcher’s mound is tarped before you leave.
  6. For ALL fields, if you play a game on Thursday, it is your responsibility to put the recyclable cans out as well as tie up the trash and bring the bags out to the dumpster area by the street so they will get emptied.  Please don’t forget to replace the trash can liners, which can be found in the main closet.
  7. After Clinic on Saturdays, all fields, even the C Minor field, needs to be drug/raked by the Clinic coaches.

  1. Teams playing on majors field: The home team is responsible for lining the field prior to the game and raking/dragging the field after the game or practice.  The home team also supplies 2 new baseballs for that game at A-Minor and Major levels.
    1. Majors: To warm up, the home team gets the field from 5:15-5:30 and the cage from 5:30 to 5:45
    2. Other Divisions: To warm up, the home team gets the field from 5:40 to 5:50
  2. Teams playing on the majors field: The away team is responsible for emptying the trash cans into the dumpster, picking up any trash from the stands, ensures that the clubhouse windows are intact, lights and scoreboard are off and walks the auxiliary to their cars.  If we are playing an out of town team, the home team assumes this responsibility as well.
    1. Majors: To warm up, the away team gets the field from 5:30 to 5:45 and the cage from 5:00 to 5:15.
    2. Other Divisions: To warm up, the away team gets the field from 5:50 to 6:00

Field Etiquette

  1. Don’t warm up or walk on the infield grass unnecessarily.
  2. If applicable, store rolled up tarps off the playing surface.
  3. Never hit hard balls into the fences, use one of the screens.
  4. Always look after our fields and baseball complex.  If you see someone abusing our facility ask him or her to stop or seek out someone that will.
  5. Before you leave, please make sure that you clean up your own dugout!
  6. To avoid game day confusion, the home team will get the First Base side dugout and the away team will get the Third base side dugout.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Use common sense.  The goal is for the field to be lined for your game and cleaned up and ready for the next game.  If you arrive before the home team and are the away team, and you know the home team runs late, please work together and line the field.  The home team can also help with picking up the trash.
  • Solicit help from parents/fans.  Raking and cleaning up trash can take 10 minutes.  Everyone gets home quicker and can be with their families if we all work together.

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