Meeting Minutes 12/10/2015

BARRINGTON LITTLE LEAGUE GENERAL MEETING AGENDA AND MINUTES                                                                                                                                 


Meeting Agenda and Minutes


Purpose:  Barrington Little League general meeting

Date:  12/10/2015

Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00pm

Location:  Barrington Little League clubhouse


Invitees:  E-board members List here
Old Business
Agenda: Provider: Time Length: Minutes/Notes:
Old Business – Minutes from last meeting Mike   No meeting minutes covered, 1st meeting
New Business
President Lindsay  

1) 2016 Charter has been applied for

2) Parents night out at the Irish Mile brought in $700 at the door plus 50/50 money

3) Requests to manage a team must be submitted in writing via email to Lindsay by January 31st of 2016.

4) Spring Beef and Beer currently slotted for Saturday, March 5th. Possibly will have a 2nd date in season.

5) Deere field, There was some talk of having Patti Nicholson re-do the lease. Further discussion required.

6) Parking lot may be done in the Spring before games begin by Belmawr Paving. To be confirmed.

Chair Reports
Vice President Rob  

1) Coin Toss set for Saturday, April 9th

2) Sponsors are coming along well. Now $300 to sponsor a team. $500 for team and a sign (I believe this is correct, will confirm).

Treasurer Report Dan  

$12,604 in BLL bank account

$7,700 in Auxillary account

Dan also sending a spread sheet to the E board to show how he tracks expenses and income. This has been completed already via an email.

Umpire fees will likely be paid by the auxillary.

Player Agent Rich  

Registration closes/evaluations on Saturday, March 5th. Goal to have all teams drafted by Tuesday, March 8th so uniform order can be placed by around Thursday, March 10th. Registration fee and uniform fee have both been increased by $5 this year. Projecting 186 kids this year (majors teams (3), A minor teams (4), B minor teams (4), C Minor (5 teams), clinic (4 teams)). Opening day is Saturday, April 2nd. No early bird discount this year for registration.  Rich has already updated the 2016 calendar as well.

Grounds Greg  

Warning track on majors field is a project Greg would like to pursue.  Greg to advise E board of projected costs.

Need chalk for the fields, completely out.

Equipment Chuck  

Raised uniform fee to $25 per child (was $20) to cover uniform expense per child.  Chuck would like to have uniforms delivered on or around March 25th so adjustments can be made (if necessary)

Umpire In chief Jerry  

                No notes at this time

Safety Josh  

No notes at this time

Tournament Sam  

               No notes at this time



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